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The Statistics

The online market of natural sales is exploding. Online Natural product sales is the fastest growing vertical in one of the fastest growing industries in America today. NatchCom is an opportunity to reach the brands and professionals behind a vertical that is disrupting food — and it has only begun. Join us as we explore ways to bring an online presence to your natural product.


natural products online 

Today 3% of natural product sales are online. By 2021, that percentage is predicted to increase to 4.5%(source: New Hope Network's Nutrition Business Journal)


natural product growth 

Approximately 8,000 natural/organic brands will see a 2x brand growth in the next eight years (source: Associated Media)


natural product sales Online

In 2014, there was $5.1B in digital sales for natural/organic products. By 2016, that number increased to $6.4B. (source: New Hope Network's Nutrition Business Journal)


online shopping activity

In 2013, 7% of shoppers bought an organic product online. By 2014, that percentage increased to 14%. (source: Organic Trade Association)


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